A range of cardboard cans
for packaging everything

CAN PACKAGING offers a range of high-performance GREENCAN® cans made of recyclable cardboard with easy opening systems for a low cost, designed for the direct packaging and storage of all types of food product.

GREENCAN® cans may be made round, square, rectangular, oval, oblong or triangular. Most inner linings suitable for your product contain less than 10 to 2% plastic film or aluminium.

Our complete mastery over the manufacturing process, from the creation of machinery up to the delivery of GREENCAN® cans, ensures that the customer can depend on quick and reliable service. Our Research & Development department can adapt the cans to your requirements and products, and to any changes in them.


ECOCAN the all cardboard can, with cardboard lid and integrated membrane.

ECOCLIP the can with membrane sealed on outside curl.

EASYCAN saltshaker can and powdery can; with cardboard body and bottom.

LIGHTCAN the ultra-light cardboard can.