rigid packaging with
92-98% cardboard content

Ever since it was founded, CAN PACKAGING has been committed to an environmentally friendly approach aimed at developing non-polluting and recyclable packaging. For over 20 years, CAN PACKAGING has been offering its unique know-how in the production of purpose-designed cardboard cans for packaging food and other consumer products. Millions of cans leave the factory every year and are delivered to European customers.

GREENCAN® is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and recyclable packaging concept (recycled with cardboard). GREENCAN® cans have a 92-98% recycled cardboard and virgin fibre content, and make packaging so much easier: with no metal base, plastic lid, tray or added film, the product is packaged directly in the can, safe from air, humidity and light.

With the GREENCAN concept, take advantage of the expertise of CAN PACKAGING. Development and supply of packaging, control over materials, closing line after filling, production facilities close to your plant or on a wall-to-wall basis.

More than just cans, GREENCAN offers a complete service, the only one of its kind in the world.